Byerley Whippets

BIS & RSBIS Ch Byerley Diesel (Usain)


DCC 27/10/2013 Southern Cross Kennel Club

DCC 25/08/2013 Sale - Maffra & District Kennel Club

DCC, RUBOB 21/07/2013 Dandenong Poultry & Kennel Society


Dog Challenge 2nd Year running - The Whippet Club of NSW 2013, judge Ms Maria Nordin (Sweden)


BIS 28/07/2012, Heidelberg & District Kennel Club. Mr Bernard Fear (NZ)

Best of Breed Sydney Royal Easter Show 2012

Dog Challenge & Runner Up to Best Exhibit In Show - The Whippet Club of NSW 2012, judge Mrs Elisabet Janzon (Sweden) 'Wolftone'  - "Well balanced dog, good proportions, very sound, beautiful head, kept his top line standing and moving, moves very well." 

Reserve Challenge Dog at The Whippet Association of Victorian's Specialty Show 2011, judge Mrs Cathie Brown (UK) 'Bluestreak Whippets'

Reserve Challenge Dog Royal Melbourne Show 2011, judge Mr Antonio Capistrano (Braz).

Puppy In Show Whippet Club Of Queensland 2010, judge Mrs Molly Head (UK) 'Demerlay Whippets'

Puppy In Show The Sighthound Association 2010

Whelped - 2009/08/17

Ch Byerley Diesel (Usain) Mel Royal 2011 DCC 3 Byerley Diesel (Usain) 2nd National 2011 Inter Dog Moving Byerley Diesel (Usain) Nat Moving RSBIS Ch Byerley Diesel Group Specials Sydney Roya

Moonwind Celine multi Baby Puppy In Show , Minor Puppy In Show Wodonga Kennel Club

Moonwind Ziggy Denim multi Baby Puppy In Group

Moonwind Victorias Secret


RSBIS Ch Byerley Diesel Easter 2012 BIS Heidelberg & District KC 25112012 A