Byerley Whippets

MBIG Ch Byerley Hilfiger (Tommy)

Whelped - 2006/12/25

From his very first show at 14 weeks, winning Baby Puppy In Show at 'The Sighthound Association NSW', Tommy has been a star.

Dog Challenge The Whippet Club of NSW Inc 2008, judge Mrs Annabel Gunn (SA) 'Skyeway'

Best Exhibit In Group Belgrave & District Kennel Club 2008, judge Dr David Barclay (Viv)

Best Exhibit In Group Southern Region Country Classic 2008, judge Mrs Val Spence (Qld)

Best Exhibit In Group Bacchus Marsh & District Kennel Club, judge Mr Wayne Burton (NSW)

Best Of Breed Australia Day Internatrional Dog Club 2009.



tom2web tom1 web MBIG Byerley Hilfiger 'Tommy' BIG Wagga 2009 Ch Byerley Hilfiger 'Tommy' Seymour May 16 2008 Moving

MSBIS Aust & NZ Ch Rosiel Royal Scandal (Ginger)

2010 Ginger wins Best Exhibit In Show at the South Australian Whippet and Greyhound Speciality Show, judge Mr Ian Doherty 'Martinique'.

Byerley Akira

2009 Akira wins Best Baby Puppy In Show, The Whippet Association of Victoria Inc, judge Mr J Vuorinen (Fin.) 'Scheik's'.


Ch Karnabay Jimmy Choo RCC Whippet Club NSW 2012, MPIS

Karnabay Nina Ricci  PIS Whippet Club NSW 2012

Ch Karnabay Alexander McQueen

Byerley Easton Pearson BPIS Whippet Club NSW 2012

Byerley Ralph Lauren   MBPIG

Byerley Carnaby Street  MBPIG

Byerley Peter Alexander MBPIG

Byerley Mercedes MPIG

Ridgesetter Dontrainonmyparade BPIS Whippet Club of Qld 2012

Ridgesetter Summer Rain